Conference Lunches


You will receive one lunch ticket for each day: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The value of the ticket is 10,50€. All restaurants have at least one option (including Vegetarian) for the value of the lunch ticket. You can also purchase a more valuable meal, paying the exceeding amount from 10,50€ upon payment. Please note, that Picnic Valkea does not accept partial payment with the lunch ticket. You can only use one ticket per meal. The tickets are assigned to the respective day only and cannot be used on other days. The ticket needs to be handed over to the restaurant upon payment. 

Fun fact: workers in Finland have an unusually early lunch. Commonly lunch is served already starting from 10:30 until 12. Worry not, we’ve arranged the lunch to take place 13:00-15:00 in the program. 

Recommendations from CoC

We picked our 4 favorite restaurants for you to try!
Zivago offers a delicious menu, with a carefully selected lunch. The whole restaurant is reserved for EC lunches 13-15:00
In the heart of the city, Restaurant Pekuri, you can enjoy a delicious soup lunch with the ticket.
Hagia Sofia is located in the historic House of Franzén. The Turkish cuisine will definitely warm your heart. 
Golden Flower, in Pekuri, offers authentic Chinese tastes. It’s a newish, but well-loved place in the city center. 

Restaurant Pekuri

A place where joy is served on your plate and smiles come easily. We offer delightfully delicious lunches and irresistible café treats in the heart of Oulu, and an inviting terrace above the city’s rooftops. Full lunch buffet is 13€, salad buffet with soup 12€

Kauppurienkatu 15 4th Floor

Monday-Friday 10:30-17:30

Saturday 11:30-15:00

10,50€ meal: Soup of the day. Menu on the website

Golden Flower

Experience Chinese food on a new level. The family business for over 30 years guarantees to offer you a tasty, authentic Chinese lunch. Golden Flower is a perfect spot for dinner as well. 

Kirkkokatu 16 3rd Floor

Monday-Saturday 11:00-14:00

10,50€ meal: Chicken fried rice, Fried Rice with Tofu or Vegan Stir Fry.

Hagia Sofia

Authentic Turkish restaurant in the historic house of Franzén.  Right next to the Church of Oulu, you can have a tasty lunch with high quality ingredients. The rich Mediterranean cousine is brought to life in Hagia Sofia. 

Kirkkokatu 2

Monday-Saturday 12:00-15:00

10,50€ meal: Soup of the day with homemade Lavash bread and Meze salad


Seasonal ingredients are transformed into delicate dishes. Zivago opens its doors on lunch time exclusively for the European Conference guests. The place is loved by locals, as they offer a perfect spot for sweet & savory dishes, drinks and socializing. 

Kirkkokatu 29

Monday-Saturday 13:00-15:00

10,50€ meal: Daily changing plate

Alfred Kitchen & Bar

Experience a classy, vibrant atmosphere with exquisite food. This restaurant, even though being new in Oulu, has received the love of locals. 

Pakkahuoneenkatu 24

Monday-Friday 10:45-14:00

10,50€ meal: Lunch of the day, menu on the website

Classic Pizza

Serving pizza you cannot get elsewhere in Finland! Classic Pizza is located in the heart of Valkea shopping center, 3rd Floor. 

Iskokatu 22-25 Valkea shopping center

Monday-Friday 12:00-15:00

10,50€ meal: Lunch pizza or salad with two ingredients, no drink

Health2Organic Cafe & Deli

H20 is focused on offering healthy food just outside the city center. The diverse salad bar, soup and warm lunch are made with healthy and local ingredients. 

Solistinkatu 4

Monday-Friday 8:00-13:00

10,50€ meal: Soup of the day, menu on the website

Valveen Paljetti

Fresh ingredients are used for heart-warming home food. Valve is one block away from the HQ hotel. One warm option is always vegan. 

Hallituskatu 7 (Valve)

Monday-Friday 11:00-14:00

Saturday  12:00-15:00

10,50€ meal: Full lunch buffet, menu on the website

Makujen Paljetti

A sister restaurant for Valveen Paljetti. Makujen Paljetti is located a bit outside of town, but is loved by workers around Limingantulli. 

Kempeleentie 7B  (Heinäpää)

Monday-Friday 10:00-14:00

10,50€ meal: Full lunch buffet, menu on the website

Picnic Valkea

You can find Picnic in the 3rd floor of Shopping center Valkea. The cozy cafe offers you a light, healthy lunch.

Iskokatu 22-25 Valkea shopping center

Monday-Friday 10:00-15:00

10,50€ meal: Baked Potato dish (with Chicken-Feta or Falafel – Red onion) or a Salad (Chicken Caesar or Falafel-Avocado)

Luckiefun’s Sushi buffet

This sushi buffet in Rotuaari second floor, offers you a take-away sushi platter. With 14,50€, you can enjoy the full buffet .

Kirkkokatu 17

Monday-Saturday 10:30-17:00

10,50€ meal: Lunch Time take-away sushi set

Hölökkyvä Hölli

Hölökkyvä hölli is the first booth on the Market place, when you take the walk down from the Theater. It’s large sitting area invites you to take a break and enjoy the moment.

Rantakatu 6  (marketplace) 

Monday-Friday 13:00-17:00

10,50€ meal: Take-away lunch with a Stuffed Croissant (Beef, Acovado, Goat cheese, Salmon, Ham, Mozzarella-pesto) and a mini soft serve with Coffee/Tea.


Just around the corner of the Oulu Theater, is a boat, where you can have traditional Finnish salmon soup. 

Kaarlenväylä 2 the Boat 

Monday-Saturday 10:00-15:00

10,50€ meal: Traditional salmon soup with bread and coffee/tea/water


The only Bangladeshi restaurant in Finland. Fuchka has a restaurant in the city, but you can also have the delicious lunch on the Market place booth, right near the HQ hotel.

Nummikatu 32 (indoors)

Rantakatu 6 (marketplace tent)

Monday-Friday 10:00-15:00

10,50€ meal: Fuchka meal (8pc) with Chicken, Veggies, Fish, Beed or Mixed. Includes salad, drinks papadam and dessert with coffee/tea.

Oskarin Kellari

A warm, cozy restaurant with heartwarming food. The restaurant is located on the second floor and gives you a place to have a peaceful, relaxing lunch. 

Uusikatu 26 2nd Floor 

Monday-Friday 10:30-15:00

10,50€ meal: Soup of the day with salad. Menu on the website.

Aulis Theater Restaurant

Take the lunch where everything takes place; right at the theater. Aulis offers a lunch with fresh, tasty ingredients. The full buffet lunch is 13,50€.

Kaarlenväylä 2 

Monday-Friday 11:00-14:00

10,50€ meal: Soup of the day, with salad, drink, bread and desert with Coffee/tea.

Pancho Villa

Care for Mexican food? Pancho Villa is a family-friendly restaurant with lovely meals. Pancho Villa restaurants are found all over Finland. 

Kauppurienkatu 6-8

Monday-Friday 11:00-14:00

10,50€ meal: Cheese burger with fries or salad


Nallikari Restaurant

The view can’t get better from this. Take the short trip to enjoy the peace on the shore. The walk along Nallikari beach is definitely worth it. With 13,50€, you can enjoy the full buffet. 

Nallikariranta 15

Monday-Friday 11:00-15:00

10,50€ meal: Soup of the day with salad, menu on the website.

Pub Teerenpeli 

The Teerenpeli kitchen serves you with pub-style dishes, but you can also pop in for a late night drink. Teerenpeli offers products from their own brewery and distillery. 

Kauppurienkatu 8

Monday-Friday 13:00-15:00

10,50€ meal: Teerendeli dishes, e.g. Teerenpeli Meatball dish

K-Market Torinranta

With the EC badge, you will receive 10% discount from all purchases (excluding alcohol and tobacco) during the event.

Saaristonkatu 2

Monday-Friday 7:00-22:00

Saturday 8:00-22:00

Sunday 10:00-22:00

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