Participation passport

Let´s collect!

Here are the instructions: collect 6 stamps in your participation passport and return it to the information desk at HQ Hotel or Oulu Theatre and you will be entered into a raffle to win a registration to the 2025 European Conference in Denmark.

1. Picture time! Take a picture at the Oulu Photo Wall and show it at the City of Oulu booth at the Trade Show area. You will be given a stamp 

2. Participate in 3 trainings, workshops or keynote speeches. Ask for a stamp on your passport at the door of the training room. You can collect 3 stamps from trainings, workshops or keynotes.

3. Go and enjoy watching some of the exciting competitions (any Public speaking, debating or CYE (Creative Young Entrepreneur session is ok!) in EC! Show a selfie where you and the stage can be seen and ask for a “stamp” from the EC Info.

4. Network with a new JCI friend and get your picture taken. Show your photo at the HQ Hotel or Oulu Theatre info point and get a “stamp”.

5. When you have filled all 6 slots on your passport, return it to the info point at HQ Hotel or Oulu Theatre. Remember to add your name!

Have a great conference with networking, trainings, keynote and tradeshow.

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