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JCI Challenge Kalajoki

JCI Challenge at Kalajoki, Finland 9.-11.6.2024

Join an adventure competition which combines sports and activities, international networking and team building, outdoor events and an introduction to the local culture just before the JCI European Conference! It is an opportunity for JCI members from all over the world to impact, to connect and to care as the project also raises money for a charity cause.

JCI Challenge was first held in 2010 and since then it has brought together JCI members from all over the world until COVID-19 cut the streak in 2020. This year JCI Challenge makes a remarkable return!

In 2024 the JCI Challenge will take place in Kalajoki, Finland just before the JCI European Conference organized in Oulu.

Are you ready for the nightless Midsummer night, typical Finnish sporting events, sauna and unpredictable conditions – a Real Finnish Challenge!

Time and Location

The city of Kalajoki is located about 130 km South from Oulu and 550 km North from the capital Helsinki. The nearest train station is in Ylivieska, about 50 km away. Our base camp is Tapion Tupa cabin village at beautiful Kalajoki sandbank area.

There will be a shuttle transportation available for the challengers from Ylivieska on Sunday June 11th 2024 to the venue. Please book your flight to either to Helsinki or Oulu wherefrom you can then continue by train to Ylivieska. More information on arrival will be sent after pre-registration

Accommodation & Food

We will stay at Tapion Tupa’s cabins which accommodate 5 persons per cabin. Each cabin has beds (including bed linen), a small kitchen with a dining table and its own sauna (!!) and shower room. Breakfast is enjoyed at Tapion Tupa. Other meals are eaten on the move as we are changing locations around the area during Challengedays. Allergies are taken into consideration. There is also a cafe and restaurant available at Tapion Tupa.


Since the start of JCI Challenge participants have raised funds for JCI Nothing but Nets charity program. This program no longer exists. The charity cause 2024 will be chosen from international charities early 2024. All possible profit coming from the project is donated to the chosen charity. All participants are warmly welcome to open their own cause to support the fundraising. More information about fundraising is coming later.   

The Program & Activities

JCI Challenge is a team building challenge and all activities are done in teams that will have different nationalities and mixed sexes to ensure equality and fun networking.

We prefer not to tell too many details of the programme beforehand. It’s kind of part of the fun when the tasks and challenges come as a surprise! Take your game spirit and sporty attitude with you! The basic daily draft agenda can look like this one (subject to changes) :


Bus to Kalajoki from Ylivieska (around 3 P.M. tbc)
Arrival to Tapion Tupa, getting settled
Networking, getting to know each other


Instructions and getting into teams
Beginning of the JCI Challenge
JCI Challenge continues until about 5 P.M.
Dinner and sauna


The JCI Challenge continues until about 11 A.M
Packing and check out at the Tapion Tupa
Lunch and the JCI Challenge Award Ceremony about 1 P.M.
The JCI Challenge ends
Transport to Oulu about 4 P.M


Early bird fee, 230€ until 1.4.2024

Normal registration fee 270€ from 2.4.2024 onwards 

Participation fee includes transportation from Ylivieska to Kalajoki and from Kalajoki to Oulu, accommodation in cabins, all meals, activities and equipment, and 10 €/person to the JCI Challenge 2024 charity. 

Please register via this link:
Our maximum capacity is 40 persons. Minimum of 15 persons is required in order for the event to take place.

Please understand that registration is binding and you will be receiving an invoice/payment information for the participation. Cancellations will be accepted until May 1, 2024 with a refund of all paid fees, less an administration charge of 50 €. After May 2, 2024 no refunds will be given unless it’s a health related matter. Should there occur an insuperable obstacle related to a registered person’s health, the registration fee will be refunded, less an administration charge of 50 €. Cancellation must be made in writing email to An official and original medical certificate must be presented within two (2) weeks of the cancellation notification.

JCI Challenge does not insure the participant. All-inclusive travel insurance is recommended for all participants.


JCI Challenge is a sporty event but you don’t need to be an athlete to take part. The general rule is that you should be able to run or walk briskly 5 km to be able to take part. The tasks that we plan to do vary from biking to teambuilding and everyone can pitch in no matter their physical condition. Anyone looking forward to international networking, new friends and great time is welcome to participate!

We look forward to seeing you soon in Finland!

More Information
Follow the JCI Challenge Facebook group @jcichallenge for updated information:

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