Jyväskylä Pre Tour

Event timetable

Monday 10th
Welcome Breakfast
Experience 1
Experience 2: Sauna experience
evening party

Tuesday 11th
Experience 3
Experience 4 + last time hang out

Leaving to Oulu

Meals are excluded from registration. Remember to bring your swimsuit.

What is the JNKK (JCI Jyväskylä) EC Side Event?

  • Meet your old and make new twinning friends in Jyväskylä
  • Come to enjoy Finnish hospitality in the Sauna Capital
  • Dive into Finnish culture before the EC
  • Relax within the Finnish experience of Sauna, Nature & Silence
  • Take a glance to the Nordic Design by the most renown Finnish architect Alvar Aalto
  • Get familar with Jyväskylä’s world class technological know-how

Register you interest here!

Max 40 guests
Will be available in November

Verso Hotel offers partner prices (not included in registration)

More info about this later

Home hospitality with Jaycee friends (limited availability)

Price & Tickets:

Final price/early bird open in November

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